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Privatize Your iMessage Read Receipts Per Contact With ‘SelectiveReading'
03-08-2013, 11:16 AM
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Privatize Your iMessage Read Receipts Per Contact With ‘SelectiveReading'
Yes there are currently people who stare at their screen when in a conversation over iMessages. What they’re waiting for is a read receipt and the three dot bubble to let them know you got the message and are replying.

Once again a privacy concern for those super secret wannabe spies. For those who are actually concerned about their privacy Apple offers an on or off function for iMessage read receipts. Others on the other hand love to use read receipts to let others know their message was received.

So what about the ones who want read receipts on for close friend contacts and off for the weird friend? Never fear SelectiveReading here.

[Image: Screen_Shot_2013_03_07_at_9_15_50_PM.png]

This new jailbreak tweak allows you to manually choose individually who gets a read receipt and who doesn’t. SelectiveReading also has an awesome ‘Ask’ option that asks you if the current person your iMessaging gets read receipts for every message sent to them.

SelectiveReading is compatible with all 3rd party messaging apps including stock Apple messages, BiteSMS, Messages+ and more. This is a great alternative for those special exceptions and is quite useful rather than using Apple’s plain on and off function.

You can download SelectiveReading for $.99 from Cydia. If on a jailbroken iOS device tap here to open ’SelectiveReading’ in Cydia.


Compatible with iOS 5 and 6

SelectiveReading gives you fine-grained control over who receives iMessage read receipts.

You can choose a default setting of Yes, No or Ask, and override this setting for selected contacts.

- iCloud syncing of per-contact settings (via Contacts)
- Fast editing from standard Contact screens
- Supports all iMessage apps (Messages, biteSMS, IntelliScreen X, Messages+…)

No new icons are added to your home screen – you can configure SelectiveReading in the Messages section of the Settings app
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